Kherson. The Russians showed how the ferry works near the Antonovsky bridge – video from the occupiers – Ukrainian news, Regional news

The propaganda resource of the occupying country of Russia, RIA Novosti, posted a video showing how in Kherson captured by the Russians, next to the damaged Antonovsky bridge, ferry crossingwhich was brought by the Russian army.

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The occupiers showed in the video how the ferry transports civilians on foot and people on motor vehicles from coast to coast. The task of the enemy is to use such videos to create a picture of how they “help” the locals, and they are “happy” with the Russians.

In July, the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly from the M142 HIMARS missile systems with high-precision strikes disabled this road bridge, damaged the Darevsky bridge, as well as Antonovsky railway. This was done in order to make it difficult for the enemy to supply on the right bank of the Dnieper and to try to cut off their local grouping from the captured sections of the Left Bank and the south.

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