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Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleg Sinegubov said that in the near future the Russian occupiers could intensify missile strikes. He also assuresthat in the event of attempts by the Russians to resume the attack on Kharkov, “a fiasco awaits them.”

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“There is information that in the coming days the enemy will intensify missile strikes on the city of Kharkov and on the districts of the region. Therefore, I ask the residents of the Kharkiv region not to neglect alarm signals, not to be on the street unless absolutely necessary, but to be in shelters during the alarm,” Sinegubov said.

He also said that in recent days the occupiers have been spreading messages about a possible second attack on Kharkov, but he assures that they are ready for any actions of the enemy in the region.

“Our defenders securely hold the defense, do not allow the enemy to move forward, even though he tries. Even the reconnaissance attempts of the invaders are unsuccessful. The invaders constantly suffer losses in manpower and equipment. We are daily strengthening fortifications and our defense capabilities. When trying to go ahead of the enemy only another fiasco awaits and even greater losses,” the head of the UVA said.

Early this morning, as Sinegubov reported, the Russians hit with two missiles in Kharkov, and also fired at Chuguevsky, Izyumsky and Bogodukhovsky districts of the region.

  • Russian army regularly shelling Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, however, on the front line in this direction, according to the General Staff, the Russian army is mainly focused on holding occupied lines, and Ukrainian military personnel are trying to advance stop and inflict losses on the invaders.

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