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The Russian invaders blew up their own echelon with military equipment and ammunition at the Kalanchak railway station in the Kherson region. About it reported in the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

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The scouts said that on July 31, a train with military equipment and ammunition of the invaders arrived at the Kalanchak station, from 08:00 on August 1, the Russians began to unload the train. Probably, in order to disguise the unloading and protect the echelon from HIMARS strikes, the occupiers set up a smoke screen.

At about 11:20 an explosion occurred in the unloading area, but it was not possible to accurately determine its nature due to a thick cloud of smoke. Immediately after the explosion, the train began to move towards the Crimea, and the Russian soldiers fled in panic.

The GUR said that, most likely, the explosion was the result of careless handling of ammunition or a fire that could have arisen due to an inept smoke screen.

Kalanchak is marked with a red dot (Map:

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