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The attack in Ukraine is recommended to be explained by the actions of the “collective West”.

The Kremlin released a new training manual so that propagandists could justify the war in Ukraine / photo REUTERS

The Kremlin drew up a new manual for Russian propagandists. They recommend drawing parallels between the war in Ukraine, the baptism of Russia and the Battle of Neva.

The Russian edition writes about this “Jellyfish”.

Thus, the attack in Ukraine is recommended to be explained by the actions of the “collective West”, which constantly attacks Russia in order to seize resources and destroy the Orthodox faith.

“Baptism became the basis for the strengthening and unity of the Russian state for hundreds of years to come. The Orthodox faith teaches compassion, love for one’s neighbor, tolerance for others. These values ​​formed the basis of Russian civilization and allowed Russia to unite hundreds of peoples. Today, representatives of all the peoples of Russia have again rallied in opposition with atheists and protecting traditional values ​​and the right of their children to live in accordance with them,” the manual says.

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At the same time, it states that the adoption of Orthodoxy helped to unite “scattered Russian lands” and create a state.

“Like the baptism of Russia, the war in Ukraine lays the “state foundations” of the country – as well as “the foundations for the development of Russia for centuries to come.” course of the president. “Russia has again become capable of fulfilling its mission – to protect the oppressed,” the text says.

In addition, one of the goals of the war in Ukraine is proclaimed “the fight against the atheists”, who are described in the text as “rapists, robbers and murderers” who “believed in nothing – and believed that this freed them from any moral obligations in front of other people.”

At the same time, it is proposed to call the Ukrainian military “godless,” who allegedly “sacrifice and commit ritual murders,” and also use women and children as “human shields.”

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In addition, one of the chapters of the training manual is called “Strength in Truth!”. These words are attributed to Alexander Nevsky.

“There was truth behind the Russian soldiers – they defended their home, and therefore the victory could not but be ours,” the authors of the manual write.

The paragraphs about the “special operation” do not say anything about protecting the house, but it is mentioned that the Russian soldiers are also “confident that they are right, because they continue the work of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers – they finish off Nazism.”

“The leadership of Russia and personally Vladimir Putin did not allow an attack on Russia. It was decided to start the NVO, which made it possible to avoid a repetition of June 22, 1941 with the invasion of Nazi troops into the territory of Russia,” the actions of the Kremlin and the Soviet leadership are compared.

As UNIAN previously reported, Russian propagandists prepared a specialized edition 14 pages for supporters of the “Russian world” in Ukraine: “A guide for the citizens of Ukraine on organizing resistance to the Kyiv puppet government.”

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