James Webb Telescope sends a snapshot of Earendel to Earth

James Webb Telescope took a picture of the most distant star in the universe known to date. According to space.comthe star was discovered just a few months ago using the Hubble telescope.

The luminary was named Earendel after the character in the novel The Silmarillion by Jorn Ronald Reuel Tolkien. It was discovered using the gravitational lensing method.

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It is noted that the star is located at a distance of 12.9 billion light years from Earth. It is so dim that it is not so easy to find it in the images taken by “James Webb”. But the Hubble images may suggest where to look for it.

In essence, Earendel is a dim white dot above a cluster of galaxies. You can find it by comparing images taken by two telescopes.

NASA/ESA/Space Telescope Science Institute)

NASA/ESA/Space Telescope Science Institute)

Recall that the development of the telescope began in 1996. It was originally planned to launch in 2007, but the mission has faced a series of transfers and delays. Because of this, the budget of the project has also increased, at the moment it is estimated at 9.7 billion dollars, 861 million of which will be directed to support it during the first five years after launch.

James Webb will study the galaxies of the early universe, study the formation of new stars and observe the planets of the solar system.

The launch of the telescope was postponed several times last year. So, it was planned that it would be launched on December 18, then the launch was postponed to December 22, and later to December 24. The launch took place on December 25th.

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