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UNIAN figured out when Ivan Kupala is celebrated and how to celebrate this ancient holiday.

How Ivan Kupala is celebrated in Ukraine /

In the middle of summer, Ukrainians annually celebrate a long-standing Slavic holiday with original traditions – Ivan Kupala. Many people celebrate the holiday in the same way as our ancestors did – they bathe in ponds, kindle large fires and weave wreaths. UNIAN will tell when Ivan Kupala is in Ukraine this year.

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Ivana Kupala 2022 – date and features of the event

This year, one of the main Slavic holidays falls on July 7. This date is unchanged, however, they begin to celebrate the celebration in the evening of the 6th. It is believed that the night of Ivan Kupala is magical, and there is an explanation for this.

According to beliefs, it is on the night of July 6-7 that all “evil spirits” come out of their other world into the world of the living and wander among people. The Slavs burned bonfires, the cleansing fire of which could scare away evil spirits. In addition, only on this magical night does the fern bloom.

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Our ancestors noticed the peculiarity of this dark time of the day for a reason – earlier Ivan Kupala was celebrated on the day of the summer solstice, when the night was the shortest of the year. With the advent of Christianity, the holiday has shifted and is now celebrated on July 7th.

According to one version, the name of the holiday comes from the word “to bathe”, according to another – Kupala was the name of the God of flowers.

Night on Ivan Kupala – signs

Ivana Kupala 2022 - weather signs /
  • it’s raining – the heat will start in 7 days and will last until the end of summer;
  • the sky is clear and there are many stars – in the fall there will be a good harvest of mushrooms;
  • thunderstorm and thunder – to a meager harvest of nuts;
  • see a snake – get ready for troubles and problems;
  • hear the cuckoo on Kupala – by the cold autumn.

Ivan Kupala – traditions

The most famous tradition of the night is swimming in open water. According to signs, such a rite will help cleanse the soul and body, as well as cure diseases. Even dew was considered miraculous on Ivan Kupala. It was enough to wash yourself with it to prolong your youth.

Plants on July 6 and 7 acquire healing properties, so herbalists have long collected them to prepare decoctions, tinctures and ointments. The girls collected flowers for a different purpose – weaving wreaths and amulets that could be placed at home as protection from dark forces.

Fire is also considered healing – that is why people kindle bonfires, and then jump over them, getting rid of ailments. Lovers jump over the flame, holding hands, so that their union is long, happy and strong.

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