“It will be necessary to shoot at the freak of the Russian – shooter”: ex-football player Aliyev

The former Dynamo player spoke about his service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Former midfielder of Kyiv “Dynamo” and the national team of Ukraine Alexander Aliev told about how he serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ex-football player in an interviewPROFOOTBALL Digital”admitted that he had not yet had to engage in close combat with the enemy, but if necessary, he was ready to shoot at the invaders.

“I didn’t have to engage in close combat. We train, we are trained. I was trained for two months. I am very grateful to the guys who trained me.

What I didn’t know, I learned. How to hold the machine – I knew. The right skills with a machine gun is a big plus for me. And if it is necessary to shoot at a freak of a Russian, I will always shoot. My hand won’t even flinch,” Aliyev said.

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Alexander Aliyev also spoke about cooperation with Yaroslav Rakitsky.

“Rakitsky is well done. I’ll say one thing. First of all, he broke the contract (with Zenit) – that’s the time. The same Andryukha Voronin, not a player, but an assistant coach, left (from Dynamo Moscow). Not me I dialed Yarik, and his friend, agent Maxim, dialed and asked if we needed something, I said that we need two drones for our group.

Two hours later, he called me back and said: “Yarik gave the go-ahead. He will bring you drones tomorrow.” Then Yarik himself wrote to me. I thanked him. I said: “Yarik, thank you very much from our entire group and from me personally.”

He answered right away. He asked what else is needed. I said nothing more. I know very well, I spoke with the same Maxim, that Yarik really wants to go here to Kyiv and go to war. I say: he has two or three more years, let him earn money and enjoy what he loves.

He was and is a patriot of this country. He was criticized that he did not sing the anthem and did not hold his hand over his heart. But this is his personal. There was a call – he came. He was released – he played on the field. He was happy when we won and sad when we lost. I can say for him: he is a patriot of his country and a decent person,” said the ex-player of Dynamo.

Recall that the war in Ukraine began early in the morning on February 24, when the Russian Federation launched a large-scale invasion. Aliyev from the first days of the invasion of the invaders joined the ranks of the defense of Kyiv. Later it became known that the former football player joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Alexander Aliev: what is known about the athlete

  • Aliyev is a native of Khabarovsk, but since 1999 he has been playing and living in Ukraine. He began his professional career in the Khabarovsk “Dawn”, played in the academy of the Moscow “Spartak”.
  • Aliyev made a name for himself while playing for Dynamo Kiev. He played 126 matches for the Blues, scoring 28 goals and providing 28 assists.
  • Aliyev also played for the Moscow “Locomotive”, “Dnepr”, “Anji”, “Rukh” and “Taraz”.
  • Aliyev made his debut in the Ukrainian national team in September 2008.
  • On account of Aliyev 28 matches in the national team of Ukraine, in which he scored six goals and gave eight assists. As part of the national team, the midfielder took part in the 2012 European Championship, where he spent the last matches for the national team.
  • Aliyev is a two-time champion of Ukraine with Dynamo Kyiv. He also, together with Dynamo, won the Cup 2 times and the Super Cup of Ukraine 4 times.

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