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The showman says that it was not easy for the girl to make a decision regarding further education in a full-scale war.

Alexander Pedan / Press Service

Ukrainian TV presenter Alexander Pedan told where his 17-year-old daughter would go this year. According to the showman, Valeria decided to stay in Ukraine and get a higher education in her homeland. Pedan emphasizes that this decision belongs exclusively to his heiress, there was no pressure from the outside, although he, as a father, is very worried.

“My pain, as a father whose daughter is an applicant, coincides with the pain of 90 percent of Ukrainians, whose children also do not know where to go. It is difficult to go somewhere, it is difficult to get information. home, where it is cheaper, or where it is prestigious, fashionable, where the whole dynasty studied. This is not right. Future students should choose their own path, “Pedan shared, writes”TSN”.

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He says that Lera has not yet chosen a specific educational institution.

“We sat down with Leroy and talked. It was her decision. I tried not to put pressure. Parents should not put pressure on children. But we decided that she would study in Ukraine,” Pedan added.

Alexander also noted that he and his daughter traveled to a lot of universities.

Alexander Pedan and his daughter Lera /

Recall that showman Alexander Pedan told how talking to 5-year-old son about the war.

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