It became known where the youngest daughter of Sumskaya is, while the eldest lives in Russia

According to the artist, the youngest daughter is next to her parents.

Olga Sumskaya told about children /

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumskaya told where her youngest daughter Anna Borisyuk is now. According to the actress, she and her husband Vitaly Borisyuk decided not to send the girl abroad, as she would be calmer with her parents. Therefore, they all together remained in Ukraine.

“Still, I must say that we, adults, somehow courageously endure this. Children are more prone to stress. Therefore, when I look at the condition of the children, my Anya is directly … Of course, I’m very sorry, I’m worried about her. It’s all very dangerous. But she’s with us, with her parents. How could it be otherwise?” – Sumskaya said in an interview “channel 24”.

At the same time, Sumskaya’s eldest daughter, Antonina Papernaya, lives in Russia with her family and is silent about the war in her native Ukraine.

This behavior of Papernaya was repeatedly condemned by her fans. At the same time, the star continues to be silent. Tried to justify it star mother, who is also written that her daughter could return to Ukraine.

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