It became known that Russia offered Iran in exchange for drones – UNIAN

Recently, information appeared in Russian media about the expansion of “aviation cooperation” between countries.

Russia was looking for military support from Iran /

Iranian the authorities could send the first batch of drones to Russia in exchange for Su-35 fighters.

This is stated in report American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to OSINT investigators, Tehran, with the first batch of drones, Tehran also sent its specialists to Russia to train the Russian military in the use of UAVs.

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At the same time, as analysts note, information has appeared in the Russian media about the expansion of “aviation cooperation” between countries to circumvent sanctions.

“If true, it suggests that Iran could receive Russian Su-35 jets in exchange for drones, which could be part of an agreement signed between Moscow and Tehran on July 26,” experts say.

The agreement provided that Iran will increase the volume of passenger flights to Russia and additionally repair Russian aircraft. Tehran, according to the ISW report, may try to use this agreement to facilitate the acquisition of Russian combat aircraft.

In April, Western media wrote that Russia receives ammo and military equipment from Iraq for military operations in Ukraine with the help of Iranian arms smuggling networks.

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