it became known about the important court decision about the ex-people’s deputy – UNIAN

The ex-people’s deputy changed the measure of restraint, said his wife.

The court decided that Semyon Semenchenko should not be in jail / photo from UNIAN

Former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Semyon Semenchenko left the pre-trial detention center.

Semenchenko’s wife, Natalia Muzyka, told an UNIAN correspondent that the relevant decision was made by the Kyiv Court of Appeal.

Instead of detention, a panel of judges changed Semenchenko’s preventive measure to round-the-clock house arrest.

Muzyka clarified that a regular meeting is scheduled for June 22 in the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv to extend the preventive measure, so the court may return Semenchenko to jail.

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Recall that on March 24, 2021, the SBU announced the termination of the activities of a paramilitary armed formation and the supply of military goods from the Russian Federation. The SBU also indicated that the activities of the so-called “private military company” were aimed at preparing to commit serious crimes, including against the foundations of national security.

According to the SBU, the company consisted of more than 150 people, and the organization itself operated under the guise of security firms and public organizations. Control and coordination of the activities of the criminal organization was carried out by 15 citizens of Ukraine.

Separately, the investigators obtained data on the participation of the defendants in the case in concluding contracts between PMCs and representatives of various organizations from the countries of the Middle East. “Proposals to organize the supply of weapons to these countries” were also recorded.

Among the organizers of such activities, the SBU named MP Semenchenko of the 8th convocation and Yevgeny Shevchenko, known as a “freelance agent of NABU.”

Semenchenko and Shevchenko denied all accusations.

Later, the SBU officers detained another defendant in the case of the creation of a “PMC” – former commander of the battalion “Donbass” Anatoly Vinogrodsky.

On May 14, 2021, it became known that the SBU informed Semenchenko of suspicion in the case of shelling the building of the 112 Ukraine TV channel in July 2019. According to the SBU, Semenchenko organized the transfer of money for the purchase of vehicles and other means necessary to commit the crime.

December 3 Prosecutors of the Office of the Attorney General filed an indictment against Semenchenko and 8 other peoplewho are defendants in the case of the creation of “PMC”.

The defendants are charged with the creation of armed groups not provided for by law and participation in their activities, a terrorist act, illegal handling of weapons, violation of the procedure for international transfers of goods subject to state export control (part 2, part 3 of article 260, part 2 of art. 258, part 1 article 263, part 2 article 333 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

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