Is it possible to get married in post 2022

When the Dormition fast is in 2022 and whether it is allowed to get married during this period – find out in the UNIAN material.

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According to church canons, when two people decide to create a love union, their marriage is concluded not only in the registry office, but also in heaven. However, in order for the sacrament to be successful, it is important to adhere to certain rules, otherwise, the newly-made family dooms itself to failure. UNIAN found out why it is impossible to play fasting weddings and what days it is better to do it.

Previously, we compiled a detailed lunar calendar for august 2022so that you can plan your business on auspicious dates.

Why you can’t get married in August – the main reasons

Dormition Post 2022 will last from 14 to 28 August – during this period, Orthodox believers give themselves completely to God. People limit themselves in food and activities, and also pray to purify the soul.

According to the Bible, the Blessed Virgin Mary prepared herself for a different life for two weeks. She spent her days and nights in prayer for those who needed help, and completely abandoned worldly pleasures. Christians should do the same now – if you violate the ban, then the saints perceive this as an insult, and can punish you for disrespecting them.

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Therefore, if you want to get married in August, then it is better to do it either before the 14th or after the 28th. Previously, UNIAN compiled a detailed wedding calendar for 2022 and told What are wedding anniversaries called?as well as what gifts will be the most successful on these dates.

In the church calendar, there are several days when lovers cannot sign:

  • on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the year, and you can only get married on Sunday;
  • during the Great, Christmas, Assumption, and also Peter and Paul fasts;
  • at Christmas time;
  • in the period of Weeks – Meat, Easter and Cheese Weeks;
  • on the eve of major church holidays.

So that you do not accidentally plan a celebration on a forbidden day, we offer orthodox calendar for august 2022where all the most important dates of the month are listed.

If, nevertheless, it turned out that you cannot schedule the ceremony on a neutral day, then there must be fasting dishes on the festive table, and the invited guests and you must pray to the Holy Mother of God, ask her for forgiveness and well-being for your family.

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