Iran could send the first batch of UAVs to Russia for field tests – intelligence service

Iran could send the first batch of UAVs to Russia for field trials. About it said in a tweet from an American Intelligence Service (OSINT) official citing unofficial Iranian sources.

“Iran sent a batch of UAVs to Russia along with Iranian pilots and technicians who will learn how to use and repair Russian Su-35 aircraft,” note with reference to the above-mentioned sources at the Institute for the Study of War.

While the ISW cannot independently confirm this claim, it is consistent with recent messages that Tehran and Moscow are seeking to expand aviation cooperation in order to circumvent international sanctions against Russia and Iran and support Russian operations in Ukraine.

If true, this statement suggests that Iran could receive Russian Su-35 jets in exchange for drones that could be part of an agreement signed between Moscow and Tehran on July 26. The agreement assumed that Iran would increase the volume of passenger flights to Russia and additionally repair Russian aircraft.

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Tehran may try to use this agreement to facilitate the acquisition of Russian combat aircraft.

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