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Iran may have already sent the first batch of its drones to Russia and is counting on receiving Russian Su-35 military jets in return. About it informs Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in a summary of August 2.

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ISW cites US Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which in turn received information from unofficial Iranian sources.

OSINT said that Iran allegedly sent a batch of UAVs to Russia along with Iranian pilots and technicians who will be trained in the use and maintenance of Russian Su-35 aircraft.

The ISW emphasizes that the information about the transfer of drones by Iran to Russia is initial and unconfirmed.

At the same time, the Institute’s experts note that this information is consistent with recent reports that Tehran and Moscow are expanding aviation cooperation in order to circumvent international sanctions against Russia and Iran and support the Russian war in Ukraine.

If this is true, ISW writes, then Iran could receive Russian Su-35 warplanes in exchange for drones, which could be part of an agreement signed between Moscow and Tehran on July 26.

The agreement provided that Iran would increase the volume of passenger flights to Russia and repair Russian aircraft.

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