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A video of a policeman and his subordinate making love has gone viral on social media.

Nikolaev cops were caught on video during sex in the pool: an investigation is underway / photo from UNIAN

The Mykolaiv police are conducting an official investigation because of a video on social networks demonstrating “amoral behavior” policemen.

About it reported in the press service of the GUNP of the Nikolaev region.

In a video leaked online, a man and a woman can be seen in an outdoor pool making love. There were many witnesses who filmed everything that happened.

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The police said that this happened when the police (according to social media reports – the head of the department and his subordinate) were off duty. However, despite this, during the investigation they were removed from their duties.

“Despite the fact that the event occurred when the police officers were off duty, they were suspended from their duties. As soon as information about the immoral behavior of police officers was disseminated on social networks, the leadership of the regional department appointed an internal investigation into this fact. Based on its results, the management The GUNP in the Mykolaiv region will make a decision on holding the police officers accountable,” the police stressed.

As UNIAN reported, in Odessa, a man and a woman resorted to “obscene act” in one of the recreational facilities. They were filmed on video, in which you can see a couple having oral sex. At the same time, a man smokes a hookah, and a woman kneels in front of him.

They were given summons to the territorial recruitment and social support centers. After that, it became known that upon the fact of public sex between a foreigner and a girl on the territory of the Public Beach beach complex, located on the coast, in the area of ​​the Big Fountain, investigation launched.

Kyiv District Court of Odessa sent a scandalous couple under house arrest.

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