Invaders massively abduct residents of Energodar and ZNPP workers – UNIAN

Now it is known about the use of torture against the abducted.

Occupants kidnap ZNPP workers / photo from UNIAN

Mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov announced the catastrophic scale of the kidnapping of citizens and workers by the occupiers ZNPP.

According to Telegram-channel “Energoatom”, Orlov said this during a meeting with the President of the State Enterprise “NAEK” Energoatom “Peter Kotin and the heads of satellite cities of nuclear power plants and directors of nuclear power plants.

Orlov stressed that this is one of the main problems of the city today, in addition to the existing humanitarian and social ones.

“People are kidnapped en masse, the whereabouts of some of them is unknown. The rest are in very difficult conditions: they are tortured with electric shocks and mocked both physically and mentally,” he said and stressed that it is urgently necessary to resolve the issue of the exchange of civilian prisoners at the highest level. who were kidnapped by the invaders.

Situation at ZNPP

The Zaporozhye NPP has been controlled by Russian invaders since March 4. Also under the occupiers is the satellite city of the nuclear power plant – Energodar.

Representatives of Rosatom are also at the ZNPP.

Recently, the occupiers informed the heads of subdivisions of the Zaporizhzhya NPP that intend to put the nuclear power plant under the control of Rosatom from September 1.

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