Invaders in the Kherson region stole the most famous “watermelon” barge in Ukraine

Local residents reported that the invaders, in addition to the barge, took the cargo ship.

The invaders stole the most famous barge in Ukraine / photo Telegram-channel KHERSON: War without fakes

Russian invaders stole the most famous in Ukraine in Kherson barge. Watermelons were transported to Kyiv every year on it.

This was reported in one of the Kherson Telegram channels.

“The activity of the Russian military was noticed in the waters of the Dnieper. They hijacked two ships on Nibulon (dry cargo ship or barge) and are transporting it by tugboats in the direction of Kherson,” the report says.

According to local residents, the barge is being driven towards the Antonovsky Bridge.

At the same time, it is noted that this is the same barge on which watermelons were sent annually from the Kherson region to Kyiv in early August.

As UNIAN previously reported, in early August 2021, traditional barge with watermelons. 500 tons of watermelons were loaded all day. Variety one – striped Kherson. Sweet the cargo was carried by barge NBL-003 with the tug “Nodari Chanturia”.

Last year, farmers grew so many watermelons that farmers simply destroyed part of the crop in the village of Mikhailovka, Kherson region.

Transportation of Kherson watermelons along the Dnieper has already become a tradition and a long-awaited event for the capital. For the first time, a barge with watermelons went to Kyiv in 2017.

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