invaders call Ukrainian army “the strongest in the world” (audio) – UNIAN

During a conversation with his mother, the invader spoke about the losses and methods of advance of the Russians.

The occupiers admire the fearlessness of Ukrainian soldiers / photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian invaders recognize the strength of the Ukrainian army and admire its fearlessness.

This is evidenced by the new intercepted telephone conversation invaders.

During the conversation, the occupiers discuss that the Ukrainian soldiers “put” them in “whole battalions”, and they do it “once or twice.”

“The Ukrainian army is the strongest army in the whole world… they are not even afraid of the Russians, bitch, nobody…. It’s true, it’s real,” a mobilized resident of the temporarily occupied Donetsk tells his mother.

At the same time, a woman zombified by propaganda denies her son’s words. The son brought her to her senses with one question: “Have you seen any losses at all? .. They don’t tell you the truth … they tell you fairy tales.”

The occupant admitted that the Russians, if they are moving, are due to huge losses.

“And even if ours (the army – UNIAN) advances, it is very heavy losses. Fuck one or two, I tell you. Our regiment is fucked up there. The battalions lie down,” the occupier noted.

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Earlier, the SBU published an interception of conversations in which the Russian occupiers discuss ways escape from the war in Ukraine. In particular, the invaders are considering options for simulating combat wounds.

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