Introductory campaign 2022 – the Ministry of Education and Science explained why the NMT result is not shown

Because of the Russian invasion this year introductory campaign comes with some changes. So, instead of UPE, graduates take the national multi-subject testing (NMT). In SE “Inforesurs” explainedwhy in the electronic cabinets of test participants their results are not always reflected.

Why BMT results may not be displayed

The test results must first be worked out by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

After that, the data from the UTSOKO database should be transferred to the Unified State Electronic Database on Education, because it is the information from the USEBO that is displayed in electronic cabinets.

The MON stressed that establishing results and transferring between bases takes time. UTSOKO specialists and SE “Inforesurs” (technical administrator of the EGEBO) are doing everything possible to speed up this process. It can last about a week (from the date of compilation by a specific NMT participant).

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The day of submission of the application does not affect the competitive score or place in the ranking. Acceptance of applications based on the results of testing continues until August 23 until 18:00.

Recall that in 2022, applicants take national multi-subject testing, which takes place in three sessions : basic, additional and special.

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