In the US, they wondered why Kaliningrad is still Russian

“Why is Kaliningrad still Russian territory?”

David Frum, American journalist, political commentator, and former speechwriter on economics for President George W. Bush.

Well, who will take it away, huh?

Who needs him?

Poland, Lithuania.

After 75 years of Soviet and Russian rule, there must be a snuffy hole there. The new owners will have to sweat a lot to clean and restore everything.

colonial policy.

Exactly – the same question arises about Sakhalin.

Nothing to do with colonialism. The Soviets demanded it after World War II – and got it. The benefit is twofold: the Russians have acquired a port and a direct link to Poland in case the Baltic turns out to be unreliable.

Because they have a lot of troops there.

For the same reason why Guantanamo is the US. The Cold War is a strange thing.

Bullseye, David. There must be a major US military base there.

For the same reason why Northern Ireland is part of the UK: resources and technology.

If they want to return Kaliningrad and other former Prussian lands to Germany, I will not object.

Guys, we’ve already seen this movie. No need to continue.

Nobody wanted to rewrite the post-war order.

Amazing, right? After all, the Red Army shed so much blood, conquering Koenigsberg / Prussia in 1945.

Rumor has it that in the 90s Russia offered to return it to Germany in exchange for some billions. But she refused.

Neither Poland nor Lithuania needs it. Yes, and mostly Russians live there.

In fact, Puerto Rico is still the United States.

Conqueror’s right. Indian lands are also now the United States.

Man, they were bought for beads and booze.

Only one “p”, and what’s the difference (in English, Russia and Prussia differ by one letter – Russia and Prussia, – Approx. transl.).

Let’s annex it for the sake of Ukraine.

Why Guantanamo USA?

Potsdam agreement. It’s World War II, David, not some antiquity.

In a word: Stalin.

Why are you still free?

Same logic as Alaska, Gibraltar, Falklands, Northern Ireland, etc.

Russia desperately clings to it, because it is its only ice-free port in the west. The Baltic Fleet is based in Baltiysk. Koenigsberg was once the capital of East Prussia, and has since changed hands more than once. Disputed territory, like Crimea.

There was World War II. The Germans lost, and the Russians got it as a trophy.

Moreover, this is one of the few unnamed Russian cities – it still bears the name of Mikhail Kalinin.

Because someone agreed on something in Yalta and Potsdam.

It’s full of Russians! Which neighbor would want to deal with them? The Baltic states are already taking the rap with their numerous and artificially inflated Russian minorities.

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