In the Odessa region, a boat blew up in the mouth of Bystroe

In the Odessa region in the Danube mouth Bystry, as a result of a collision with an unknown explosive device, a pilot boat received a hole, reports the Operational Command “South”.

The crew of the boat was evacuated by a small boat of the Marine Guard. There were no casualties. the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. Now the passage is temporarily limited by the mouth of Bystry.

By information Administration of the seaports of Ukraine, as a result of the explosion, a hole was formed in the stern below the waterline, the boat “Orik” was carried out of the sea channel of the Bystry mouth from the Black Sea, where it stopped.

The crew members of the boat reported that it was not a naval mine, but another explosive device. Currently, the exact type of ammunition is further determined by specialists.

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