In the Kiev region caught Russian soldiers who were hiding in an abandoned house

Deserters of the Russian army fled the battlefield and settled in an empty hut.

Deserters were hiding in the Brovarsky district of the Kyiv region / photo REUTERS

In the Brovarsky district of the Kiev region, 6 Russian soldiers were caught hiding in a forest hut. They fled from the battlefield so as not to become corpses. The deserters hid for more than 4 months and, of course, they caught the de-occupation of the region when the UAF drove out the invaders.

This was announced by a military observer, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Konstantin Mashovets. According to him, the incident occurred in the village of Dernovka, Brovarsky district, Kyiv region.

Mashovets noted that there was a similar case in Irpin, when a Buryat machine gunner was found in the cellar of a rural house. He hid there and ate the preservation of the inhabitants of the house. There were also recorded cases in the Chernihiv region, when the invaders fled from the battlefield and hid in the forest thickets.

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