In the Donbass, the Russians hit from aircraft, hit Toretsk with rockets, there are dead and wounded

In the Kherson region, 46 settlements have been de-occupied, but all the liberated villages have been badly damaged.

Russia shelled Toretsk / UNIAN photo, Viktor Kovalchuk

The Russian invaders launched rocket and air strikes on the territory of the Luhansk region, and a rocket attack on Toretsk in the Donbass is also reported.

This is stated in the reports of the Lugansk and Donetsk regional military administrations handed over to journalists as of 08:00.

“Luhansk region: during the night – rocket strikes in the direction of Konstantinovka. Four air strikes on settlements were also recorded. Seven times the Russians used artillery support, twice more used mortars, attracted tanks,” the report says.

It is also noted that over the past 24 hours, seven attempts of the Russian offensive were repulsed in the region.

“Donetsk region: during the night and in the morning – powerful shelling of the Nikolaev community. Significant destruction. Information about the victims is being specified. A missile attack on Toretsk,” the OVA stated.

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It is noted that in the region for a day from artillery, mortars, multiple launch rocket systems “Hurricane” and “Grad” the invaders fired at many settlements of the region.

“Among the most affected cities are Avdeevka (residential sector, sand pit, central market area, car depots); Bakhmut – (residential sector, gas station); Krasnogorovka, Soledar, Marinka, Seversk, Nikolaevka. The villages of Yagodnoye, Predtechino, Kurdyumovka, Lastochkino were also shelled , Georgievka and others,” the message reads.

In the area, which remains without gas and partially without water and electricity, the evacuation of civilians continues.

“During the day in the region – three people were killed, three were injured,” the OVA reminded.

The summary of the Kherson OVA states that the situation in the region remains stably tense.

“The hostilities and their consequences are severe: half-empty villages, broken roads, bridges and river banks, burned fields, forests, houses have been mined,” the OVA stated.

It is noted that over the past week, rescuers extinguished 121 fires in the region. Of these, 102 fires in the ecosystems of the region. At the same time, it is emphasized that many fires in the villages are extinguished by their residents, because the invaders do not let firefighters go there.

“According to official information, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already de-occupied 46 settlements in the region. All the liberated villages are very damaged,” the OVA notes.

As you know, from day to day the situation in the occupied territory Lugansk region is deteriorating. A humanitarian catastrophe is brewing. At the same time, the invaders still cannot capture two free settlements.

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