In the coming years, Ukrainians will rent rather than buy housing

In particular, this will be due to the fall in the purchasing power of citizens.

Sementsov predicts that developers will refuse to attract funds from buyers at the construction stage of the project / photo from UNIAN, Dmitry Alekhin

In the coming years, Ukrainians will be more interested in housing for rent, not for purchase.

This was reported to UNIAN by the co-founder and managing partner of the investment and development company INSPI Development Vladimir Sementsov.

“The change of orientation from ownership to use will be determined not only by a change in the paradigm of life – from a stable place (way of life) to freedom of movement and life anywhere at any time, but also by a drop in purchasing power and fears of losing property, which is primarily associated with war and its consequences,” the expert noted.

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He added that “freedom and fear will drive a change in attitudes towards life in a particular place, as well as in the perception of property as a blessing.”

However, when buying a home, according to Sementsov, in the coming years, additional guarantees for the safe purchase of housing in the primary market will become extremely important for buyers.

At the same time, for housing developers, one of the main issues of doing business will be the impossibility of the influence of external circumstances and any crisis phenomena in the industry on their activities.

“In the near future, development companies will see changes in short-term and long-term business planning, the development of certain housing formats, construction technologies and materials used. We should also expect a reorientation of the share of buyers-investors to objects being built in the western regions,” – emphasized by the expert.

Sementsov predicts that in the next 2-3 years, developers will gradually refuse to attract buyers’ funds at the project construction stage, and will focus on sales after the commissioning of the residential complex.

According to the expert, after the victory, we should also expect the emergence of new foreign players on the market: both investment funds and developers and construction companies, which can radically change the structure of the Ukrainian primary real estate market. And this, first of all, will concern the western region of Ukraine and several large cities, in particular Kyiv.

Mortgage credit lending:

The government approved the conditions for providing mass mortgage lending for the state-owned company Ukrfinzhile under the Affordable Mortgage program.

From October 1, 2022, this program will work for four categories of citizens. Military personnel, employees of the security and defense sector, doctors, teachers and pedagogical workers, scientists will be able to receive a soft loan at 3% for 20 years with an initial contribution of 20% for the purchase of housing.

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