In Sochi, two cars were washed into the sea. Rescuers are looking for seven people

In the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, two cars were washed away by a stream of water into the Black Sea. How reported On June 24, the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, eight people could be in the cars, one of them was saved, the search for the rest of the people continues.

“As a result of intense precipitation in the mountainous area near the village of Zubov Shchel, Krasnodar Territory, two cars were carried away by the flow of water from the Chemitokvadzhe River into the Black Sea. Subdivisions of the URPSO EMERCOM of Russia, Kuban-SPAS and municipal emergency rescue units were sent to the place of search and rescue operations. Aviation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has been involved in the search, ”the rescuers said in a statement.

By data “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, people in cars were warned in advance that it was dangerous to be near the river due to heavy rain, but they chose to stay.

Sochi Mayor Alexei Kopaygorodsky in his telegram channel informedthat a woman died as a result of the incident. According to the head of the city, rescuers managed to pull one man out of the sea, he is in the hospital. Two adults and three children are still missing. All victims are residents of the Stavropol Territory.

At the beginning of the week, weather forecasters warned of possible thunderstorms, hail, mudflows, rising water levels in rivers in Sochi. In turn, the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with reference to the relevant departments published information about the assault warning in the period from June 21 to 24, as well as an emergency warning about the formation of tornadoes over the sea in the section from Anapa to Magri.

Press service of FKU Uprdor “Chernomorye” informedthat last night on the federal highway A-147 Dzhubga – the border with Abkhazia, three mudflows and three cases of trees falling on the roadway from the village of Volkonka to the village of Zubova Shchel were recorded. According to the agency, mud, stones, tree fragments and debris partially blocked the highway, making it difficult to move, but by 7:00 am, specialists managed to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, and traffic on the highway is carried out as usual.

In other settlements of the district – Soloniki, Katkova Shchel, Tkhagapsh, Bolshoi Kichmai, Golovinka – houses were flooded, power lines were out of informed Mayor of Sochi There are local flooding of two educational institutions.

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