in Russia, a “special operation hero” without limbs was chased away with a bat (video) — UNIAN

The occupier was not allowed on the bus and made it clear that no one was interested in his problems.

The occupier without legs was driven out of the bus in the Russian Federation / screenshot

In the Pskov region RF the bus driver demonstrated the true attitude of the Russians to the “heroes of the special operation.” Instead of help, the limbless occupier received a portion of threats with a baseball bat.

The video has surfaced online.

The footage shows how an occupier without limbs in a military uniform of the Russian army in a wheelchair drove up to the bus and, probably, asked for help. But the driver reacted with indifference.

Occupant: I fought, grandfather.

Russian: I’m glad for you, it was necessary not to fight, e-mine.

Occupant: Yes, I lost my legs.

Russian: Yes, even if you lose three, I don’t care.

Occupant: And what about denazification, grandfather?

As a result, the driver went out to the occupier with a baseball bat to drive him away. At this point, the video was interrupted.

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