In Kyiv, for the duration of the war, it was forbidden to drive without a silencer and sell fireworks

It is forbidden to drive in the capital on cars with an exhaust system where there is no noise absorber.

RF attacks Ukrainian cities / photo

During the war, Kyiv banned the sale and launch of fireworks.

This was announced in his Telegram mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

“Today, we made a decision to ban the sale and launch of fireworks in Kyiv during the war. And the movement of cars without a silencer around the city. Several years ago, there was already a decision to ban fireworks, but we see that not everyone behaves adequately. In Ukraine, the war continues shelling of our cities, and some citizens arrange fireworks! Or drive through the streets in a car, like a jet plane! There must be responsibility for this. So, the first decision provides that for the period of martial law in Ukraine and 30 days after its termination, or cancellation on the territory of the city of Kyiv, the sale (sale, trade) of fireworks, salutes and pyrotechnics, as well as their launch is prohibited,” the mayor said.

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Klitschko also spoke about another decision of the city council, which concerns cars.

“The second decision provides for a ban on the movement by the capital of vehicles using the pryamostrum exhaust system and other exhaust systems where there is no noise absorber in their design until the legal regime of martial law is terminated or canceled throughout Ukraine,” he added.

Earlier, the Kyiv city military administration stated that the use of pyrotechnic products in the cityas well as loud singing, broadcasting entertaining music using sound reproducing equipment.

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