In Bulgaria, there was an explosion in the ammunition depot of the arms baron Gebrev – news from Ukraine, World

In Bulgaria on Sunday there was an explosion with a fire at an ammunition depot near the town of Karnobat. It is used by the Emco company of businessman Emelyan Gebrev, the very one whose ammunition for Ukraine in 2014 destroyed the GRU of the Russian Federation and which in 2015 tried to poison Novichok.

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“There was an explosion at about four in the morning, after which the warehouse caught fire. What exactly happened is being established. According to the regulations, no one is allowed into the site for another 24 hours. edition Novinite.

In Bulgaria, an explosion occurred in the ammunition depot of the arms baron Gebrev

Whether the explosion was intentional should be established by the investigators, Gebrev emphasized. But, according to the businessman, in the morning an alarm about violators went off in the warehouse area.

No one was injured in the fire or explosion.

  • Last year The Czech Republic accused the employees of the GRU of the Russian Federation bombings at the Vrbetica ammunition depots in 2014 and expelled 18 Russian diplomats.
  • After that, it became known that Bulgaria suspects Russian intelligence bombings at weapons depots in 2014.
  • On February 28, 2014, as a result of the explosion of the Arsenal complex in the city of Kazanlak, east of Sofia, a workshop for the production of gunpowder was partially destroyed, one person died. Three other explosions took place in 2014 in different places on the territory of Bulgaria, where weapons and ammunition are produced. The largest of them occurred at the Mijur plant in the village of Gorishny Lom, then 15 people died.

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