“I have long wanted to shoot it” – UNIAN

The girl published a video where Voloshin talks in his sleep.

Ukrainian singer, actress and blogger Anna Trincher shared a funny video with fans. In Instagram stories, she showed how her fiancé, blogger Alexander Voloshin, talks in his sleep.

According to the girl, she had long wanted to share this with fans, but did not have time to remove it. And now she had such an opportunity.

In the frame, you can see that Voloshin really talks in his sleep. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and raised himself slightly. Trincher probably woke him up. Then he turned over on his side and fell asleep again.

“Sasha talks at night. I wanted to shoot it for a long time, but I always didn’t have time,” Trincher signed the video.

We will remind, earlier the star of “School” Trincher shocked seductive photo shoot in black lingerie.

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