Human rights activist, member of the Human Rights Council under President Andrei Babushkin dies

“The great Andrey Babushkin passed away tonight. I can’t find words yet to describe the loss for all of us, for human rights,” the human rights activist wrote. May 13 Merkacheva wrotethat Babushkin is in intensive care with a high risk of death.

The cause of death of the human rights activist is not known. how told member of the HRC Kommersant, his long-standing illness worsened. Babushkin, according to her, became ill a few days ago on the way to a working meeting with representatives of one of the ministries, where he and Merkacheva were going together.

Doctors pumped out Babushkin, but said that he needed to lead a healthy lifestyle, the human rights activist said. According to her, her colleague “exhausted” himself by working at night. Babushkin considered complaints, advised and tried to provide assistance.

“After his Civil Rights Committee was deprived of its premises, he actually conducted this work on the street. He simply overstrained himself, ”said Merkacheva.

Information about the death of Babushkin confirmed also on the website of the Yabloko party. Details were not provided there, and they also added that the time and place of farewell to the human rights activist would be discussed later.

“Babushkin was an outstanding human rights activist and he helped tens of thousands of people. It happened that on the day he and his colleagues received, processed and made decisions on dozens and even hundreds of requests. It was, in a good sense of the word, a machine to help people. This is the first. And the second thing I would like to say is that Babushkin was a true democrat, he defended the Russian parliament both in August 1991 during the State Emergency Committee and in October 1993, when the Russian parliament was shot from tanks. Babushkin defended parliament, Babushkin defended democracy. He was a real, true democrat.” said “Gazeta.Ru” head of the Human Rights Council Valery Fadeev.

Biography of Andrei Babushkin

The political and human rights career of Andrei Babushkin began in the 1990s. From 1990 to 1993 he was a deputy of the Moscow City Council. In the same period, he began to help prisoners.

Since 1996, Babushkin has headed the Committee for Civil Rights, a charitable organization that provides legal assistance to prisoners, illegally convicted, the homeless and orphans, as well as victims of torture. In addition, the committee provides social assistance to the homeless, protects the rights of indigenous and small peoples.

In 2000, Babushkin was one of the developers of the amnesty project, developed several provisions of the amendments to the Criminal Code of 2003, in particular, on the reduction of the minimum term for minors.

In November 2012, by decree of President Babushkin, he was included in the HRC. He was a member of the expert council under the Commissioner for Human Rights, a member of the Presidium of the National Civil Committee for Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies. He was a member of the public council under the Minister of Justice on the problems of the penitentiary system.

Since 2008, Babushkin has been a municipal deputy in the Moscow district of Otradnoye.

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