How to save money on groceries

The expert told how to balance your own meal and how much it will cost in Ukraine in real time.

How much does a healthy daily diet cost in summer in Ukraine / photo

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has affected every area of ​​Ukrainian life, even food. Food cost In stores, the price rises daily, which also affects the mode of food consumption.

Dietitian and endocrinologist Natalia Samoylenko on the air of “Snidanku z 1 + 1” told how in the summer of 2022 you can eat healthy and cheap.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, the nutritionist, along with her children, went to Europe, where she lived for several months. During this time, she managed to observe Europeans in Vienna, Prague, Paris, see what they eat and compare with the Ukrainian diet. According to the nutritionist, they mostly prefer healthy food, but sometimes they sin.

“We personally lived in the families of former Ukrainians. They eat a lot of vegetables, it is also fashionable to buy farm products from them, eco-friendly and local. However, watching the locals, I saw that they eat a lot of bread, especially for breakfast … My son said, that in all my life I have not eaten so much bread,” said Samoylenko.

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However, as the nutritionist says, many Ukrainians think that giving preference to a healthy diet is very expensive. The nutritionist told how to balance your own food intake and how much it will cost in Ukraine in real time.

First of all, according to her, you should pay attention to the fact that proteins, fats and carbohydrates must enter the body at the same time, this is how they give satiety.

“For breakfast, we can take the classics: porridge, egg and cheese. If you don’t like porridge, you can use any grain product instead. For lunch, it’s a cold soup, the main course is chicken and salad. salad We calculated and it will cost: breakfast – 29 UAH, lunch – about 33 UAH and a budget dinner – 18 UAH,” the nutritionist said.

Here is a summer daily diet will cost 81 hryvnia per day. At the same time, Samoylenko emphasizes that walnuts can be added to any dish, which will give long-term satiety, as well as important fats for the brain. For goodies, the nutritionist asks to follow the rules for eating sweets in the morning.

According to the nutritionist, chewing reduces stress levels, so you need to load the jaw muscles, this is what will reduce cortisol. The endocrinologist advised me to spend about 20 minutes on each meal. This will not only allow you to enjoy breakfast or lunch, but will also contribute to your psychological health.

Due to the constant stress associated with the war in the country, Samoylenko understands that it is very difficult for Ukrainians to adhere to a healthy diet. In this case, she asks, if possible, to observe a 3-time diet, and when you really want to seize stress, the nutritionist advises him to drink it down: it can be water, fruit drink, tea or another soft drink.

However, Samoylenko is sure that if Ukrainians are overweight due to stress, after the victory they will quickly leave and, in turn, Ukraine will be a slender and very healthy nation.

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