How to plant petunias in a pot and in the garden

UNIAN told the secrets of the wild flowering of petunias.

How to plant a petunia / photo

Delicate and graceful petunias will decorate any garden or yard. These flowers look beautiful on the edges of the flower bed or in the garden. And curly petunias are planted in pots and decorate walls and balconies with them. This flower is quite demanding on the soil, but unpretentious in care and blooms right up to winter frosts.

How to plant a petunia from seeds for seedlings

Petunia seeds are planted for seedlings not earlier than the end of February, when the day is already long enough. Good lighting is very important for a flower. It is desirable to add peat, sand and humus to the soil for petunias, and use leaf or sod land.

Water the soil before planting petunias. Make a small furrow in damp soil and sow the seeds. Don’t cover them with earth. Spray lightly with water from a spray bottle. Cover the seeds with foil and place in a warm sunny place.

Once a day, the seeds are aired, and after the appearance of sprouts, the film is completely removed. Seedlings should be watered once a day and very carefully, from a spray bottle or pipette. After the appearance of 4 leaves, petunias can be transplanted into a pot or into the ground. Petunia blooms 2-3 months after sowing.

How to plant petunias in pots

Petunias are planted in a pot from seedlings. You can buy ready-made seedlings in the agricultural store. Petunia can be planted in pots in mid or late June. Depending on the variety of the flower, a pot is selected. Bush types of petunias are planted in small pots with a volume of 3 liters. For ampelous (curly) petunias, you need a pot with a volume of at least 5 liters.

Before transplanting into a pot, the seedlings are watered abundantly. Stones or other drainage are laid out at the bottom of the pot, then filled with non-acidic soil. A hole is made in the pot and seedlings are planted. If the container is wide, then 2-3 petunias can be planted in it. The pot is left in a sunny place.

How to plant a petunia in the ground / photo

Planting petunias in open ground

Petunia is planted in open ground in June, when all the frosts are already behind. You can plant both young seedlings and already flowering petunias. The site for petunias should be sunny. Usually petunias are planted at the edge of the flower bed, because they are not tall and can not be seen behind other flowers.

Dig up the earth before planting and fertilize with organic matter. The soil should be light and loose. The flower is planted in the ground together with the ground from the seedlings. The distance between the bushes is 30-40 cm. The flowers are watered the next day after planting. A week after planting, the flower bed can be fertilized for lush flowering.

How to care for petunias

Petunias are watered 2 times a week and always under the root. Water should not get on the leaves and flowers. During extreme heat, flowers are watered more often, and less often in rainy weather.

For the second week after planting in the ground or pot, flowers can be fed with nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers, or any fertilizer for flowers. Adult flowers are fed only if they grow in the shade.

Follow these tips to keep your petunias thriving.

  • Periodically remove dry leaves and buds.
  • If there are few flowers on the bush, but a lot of leaves, then cut the leaves in half and pour warm water over the petunia. This stimulates flower growth.
  • On cloudy days, turn on artificial lights for flowers.
  • Fertilize if the petunia develops slowly.
  • If one of the stems stretched out noticeably stronger than the others, it should be cut off.
  • On rainy days, it is better to cover the flowers or move them under the roof so that they are not harmed by an excess of moisture.

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