How to get pensions and other payments in the occupied territories

Ukraine continues to pay pensions and housing subsidies to its citizens in the occupied territories, despite the closure of branches of state banks and Ukrposhta from August 1. This was stated by the newly appointed Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovich in broadcast national telethon.

She noted that today, due to the threat to the lives of Ukrposhta employees, it is not possible to physically transfer payments, however, funds are stored in Oschadbank accounts for 30 days. If during this time a person could not withdraw funds, then they are transferred to accounts opened in other banks.

Zholnovich stressed that if a person cannot receive their money in any of the options, then these payments will not go anywhere – they accumulate.

“We dump money there with the hope that a person will somehow be able to withdraw it for himself. In any case, this money will not go anywhere, it will accumulate. There are options to get it even in the occupied territory,” Zholnovich said.

The position of the state regarding those who, for various reasons, remained in the temporarily occupied territories is unequivocal: to pay salaries and social benefits, to help as much as possible. Read more in the article Anatoly Bondarchuk and Alexandra Klyuzheva “BUYED. Social obligations of the state in the old and new temporarily occupied territories. To pay or not to pay?”

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