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This opportunity will be available in those institutions that are connected to the e-health system.

The use of antibiotics has already become a habit among Ukrainians / photo

From today, August 1, Ukrainians will start receiving an electronic prescription for antibiotics. This opportunity will be available in those institutions that are connected to the e-health system.

The Telegram channel writes about this.

Since August, Ukrainians will be able to buy antibiotics only by prescription. At first, it will be issued both in electronic form and duplicated on paper. The exception will be the occupied territories and areas of hostilities, the decision of the Ministry of Health suggests.

The transition period for the existence of an electronic and paper prescription will last until the end of 2022, and then only the electronic one should remain.

An electronic prescription can be obtained from any doctor, regardless of the presence of a declaration with a family doctor. However, registration in the e-health system is a prerequisite.

During the transition period, the patient will be able to buy the necessary prescription drugs at any pharmacy. To do this, it is enough just to present the information certificate to the pharmacist, which the doctor will issue as confirmation of the prescription. Also, according to the prescription, the patient will independently decide on the choice of the trade name of the drug containing the prescribed active substance, focusing on his own budget.

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How to get a prescription for an antibiotic:

  • apply for a doctor’s appointment;
  • after the examination, the doctor, if necessary, will issue an e-prescription for an antibiotic and issue an information certificate to the patient;
  • if the institution is not connected to the UHSS, the doctor will issue a paper prescription to the patient;
  • e-prescription appears in Helsi;
  • the patient has 30 days to purchase a prescription antibiotic from a pharmacy.

The Ministry of Health is convinced that the introduction of an electronic prescription will help solve the problem of uncontrolled and inappropriate use of antibiotics.

In Ukraine, until August 1, antibiotics could be freely bought at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

As UNIAN reported, in December last year it became known that Ukraine plans to introduce vacation antibiotics exclusively by electronic prescription.

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