How to find a job in Ukraine

Because of the war, many Ukrainians lost their jobs. As of the end of June, the State Employment Service 320 thousand unemployed were registered. Since the beginning of hostilities, 242,000 people have received the status of unemployed, of which 28,000 are internally displaced persons.

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The first thing to do when you lose your job is to contact the Employment Center. They will not only issue cash benefits, but will also help you evaluate your opportunities in the labor market and find a suitable job. Residents of temporarily occupied territories or those in the war zone, can do it online.

For those who rely only on their own strength in finding a job or do not want to fully rely on the state, we have made a selection of useful sites and channels.

List of job search sites

Website of the State Employment Centerand – many vacancies for blue-collar workers and education specialists.

Work.ua is the largest job search site in Ukraine. There is a separate section with vacancies for students;
Robota.ua is the second largest resource for job seekers. There is a section with popular professions;
grc.ua – a site on which almost 4 thousand vacancies are posted. There is a section dedicated to remote work;
Jooble – there are categories “shift work”, “daily pay”, “remote work” and “work with accommodation”;
Нappymonday.ua – the site contains vacancies from Ukrainian and foreign employers;
Upwork – one of the most popular international sites for freelancers;
Fiverr – an international job search site for representatives of creative professions;
DOU.ua – the largest resource for finding a job in the IT field.

List of telegram channels for job search

Since the beginning of the war, their number has increased rapidly due to increased demand. Here is some of them:

good job – publish vacancies, useful tips and information about educational programs for Ukrainians;
UaJobNow – vacancies for work in Ukraine and abroad, as well as remote work;
LobbyX – job offers in Ukraine. There is a separate channel for vacancies in the IT field;
Work now: Ukraine – exclusively Ukrainian vacancies;
CV Vacancies – job offers in the IT field and for representatives of creative professions;
DeXto | udalenka – offers of remote work. There are also additional channels for job search in Kyiv, Lvov. Kharkov, Odessa and Dnieper;
remote job – An English-language channel with vacancies from employers from around the world.

You should also not forget about groups on social networks dedicated to finding work in your locality. You can also look for work through friends or acquaintances.

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