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A note for those who don’t want to manually delete entries all the time.

How to disable saving search history in the browser / photo

Default desktop and smartphone version Chrome browser save your browsing history and search queries in your Google account. If you don’t like it, change the settings.

By the way, this process will work for any Chromium-based browser (Edge, Brave Browser, etc.).

Navigate link to the Activity Tracking page, enter your Google account password if required.

After in the section “History of applications and web searches” switch the slider to the “Disable” position. And uncheck:

  • “Also save your Chrome history and activity on sites, apps, and devices used by Google services”
  • “Save voice control history”.

Everything, the browser will no longer remember the pages you visit.


However, the saved log will still remain in your account. To delete it too, go to “My Google Activity”. And select “Delete” → “All time”.

As an alternative for those who don’t want to delete entries manually all the time, it is also possible to work in the browser in incognito mode. However, if you want to ensure anonymity on the Internet, it is better to look for other options – UNIAN said in a separate note.why incognito modes in browsers are mostly useless.

We also wrote how to view saved passwords in popular browsers. Find in note browser version you are interested in and use the sequence of buttons next to it.

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