How to choose canned fish

What canned fish is the best and how to choose the best quality – find out at UNIAN.

Canned fish carcasses are the type of goods that Ukrainians often buy. This delicacy can be used to make salads or stocked up “just in case”. Again, a sudden impulse – to feast on a fish under a piece of black bread – also cannot be written off. UNIAN will tell you what fish is in canned food and what to look for when standing in front of the counter.

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What canned food is of high quality – types and signs

According to the method of preparation, manufacturers distinguish 6 varieties of canned fish:

  • natural canned fish;
  • stewed in tomato;
  • oil;
  • pate and pastes;
  • fish and vegetable;
  • dietary.
Rules for choosing canned food / Infographics UNIAN

Rules for choosing canned food / Infographics UNIAN

When choosing one or another type of product in the store, follow a few important rules so as not to be disappointed in the purchased product or, even worse, not get poisoned.

What are the best canned fish?

What canned food is useful - list /

What canned food is useful – list /

Preserves are considered the most useful among all types of similar products. They retain all the useful properties, but they need to be eaten quickly – the shelf life is limited to 4-8 hours. In addition, nowhere, except for the refrigerator, they can not be stored.

On the shelves of supermarkets you can find the following types of goods:

  • canned tuna;
  • sprats;
  • Atlantic herring;
  • sardines;
  • gobies;
  • sprat;
  • mackerel.

Read alsoHow to quickly peel an onion or soften butter: 10 cooking hacksNutritionists say that canned fish has a lot of useful substances. Among them zinc, selenium, calcium and phosphorus. Optional – protein, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and vitamin D.

At the same time, fatty fish varieties are best eaten by people over 40 years old, but only in their own juice – without tomato or oil dressing. You should not eat canned food every day, because one can of such products may contain a daily allowance of salt – an overdose is harmful to the body.

How to properly store canned fish

As we have already said, the maximum shelf life of canned fish – 2 years. The thing is that the fish carcass spoils faster than the meat, so the same stew will be stored much longer than, for example, sardines in a jar.

When opening canned fish, you should immediately:

  • transfer them to a glass or ceramic container;
  • close tightly and refrigerate.

From now on, they must be kept maximum 48 hours. If the fish is completely covered with oil, then the time is doubled. After the specified time, canned fish should not be eaten.

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