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Previously, Philip Kirkorov was the favorite of millions of music lovers, but now he has lost a huge army of fans due to support for Russian aggression.

Philip Kirkorov became Putin's parrot /

Bright, charismatic and radiant. Once upon a time, Russian artist Philip Kirkorov was just that. But in his sixties, he turned into an ordinary Putin parrot, who, for 80,000 euros, entertained wounded rashists in Crimea at his concert.

The singer very kindly turned to the Russian military who were in the hall and thanked them: “Today I am very happy to greet those guys who defended our country in combat positions at the moment when we were singing and having fun. Guys, if you can, stand up, please .I want everyone to see our heroes.”

It was Kirkorov who named Russian soldiers as heroes, who daily kill Ukrainian civilians on the orders of dictator Vladimir Putin.

“Kirkorov is an exceptional fool, but he can be forgiven. The fact is that in the skull of every person there are so-called “resonators”, that is, voids. Singing can somewhat increase the volume of these voids. The performance of “My Bunny” and other masterpieces increased Kirkorov’s resonators by a paradoxical So Filya is not an idiot, but just an anatomical phenomenon,” the journalists quote the words of the opposition leader Alexander Nevzorov in the “Groshi” program.

Journalists also note that Kirkorov was silent about the war in Ukraine for a long time. At one of the concerts, correspondents caught him talking with fans and asked about the so-called “special operation”, but then he simply ran away from the answer.

But no matter how Kirkorov is silent, his actions speak for themselves. During a trip to the temporarily annexed Crimea, he did not hesitate and visited the wounded invaders in the hospital of Feodosia.

“I learned that our valiant warriors are being rehabilitated here, whose feat is simply priceless today. I told myself that I must definitely look into the eyes of these guys, who went through the worst and almost lost the most precious thing – life,” said Kirkorov .

This position of the artist absolutely proves that he supports the criminal regime of the Kremlin and the bloody war against the Ukrainian people.

Recall that earlier Putinist Kirkorov showedas he hugged Lorak in the Crimea.

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