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The hryvnia exchange rate against the euro today is 37.50 hryvnia/euro.

You can sell the American currency on average at the rate of UAH 35.00 per dollar / photo

hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar in the bank exchange offices in Kyiv today remained at the level of the previous indicator – 35.60 UAH / USD.

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, the hryvnia strengthened by 10 kopecks against the euro, to UAH 37.50/euro.

On average, you can sell American currency at the rate of UAH 35.00 per dollar, euro – UAH 36.60 per euro.

As UNIAN reported, The National Bank lifted restrictions on setting the exchange rate from May 21at which authorized institutions can sell foreign currency in cash to customers – previously, the corresponding rate should not deviate from the official rate by more than 10%.

The official exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar was fixed by the National Bank at UAH 29.25/USD. from February 24, 2022.

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