How has cooperation between the US and Russia in space changed due to the special operation

In the US, talk about the difficulties

“The geopolitical sanctions that have been imposed on Russia and that we have observed in the past few months have created an environment in which some administrative difficulties are becoming apparent,” — handed over SpaceNews former NASA astronaut and member of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Susan Helms (quoted from RBC).

She explained that these difficulties include restrictions on flights to Russia, the inability to use foreign bank cards, and the departure of some NASA employees and their families from the country. In addition, as the astronaut said, because of the sanctions, Russia cannot, as before, invest in the ISS.

Rogozin refuses US ships

Director General of the State Corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin declared in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel that even in the event of an agreement with NASA on cross-flights, Russian cosmonauts would not fly on American Boeing Starliner spacecraft.

According to Rogozin, some time ago, European and American cosmonauts flew on Russian ships. So that the skill of such flights is not lost, the United States proposed the practice of cross-flying. The first stage of such cooperation began to be discussed in 2021. Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina was supposed to fly on an American ship, but after the start of a military special operation in Ukraine, “the situation has changed dramatically” – Rogozin noted that it is too early to make a decision on cross-flights.

In addition, as the head of Roscosmos said, American ships are not safe. “On the ship [американского бизнесмена Илона] The mask has big troubles, including the failure of the sewer system <...>, this is a life support system, this is not a joke, if these failures continue, it is difficult for us to make a decision on a cross flight for now, to send our girl to their ship, ”explained top manager.

Russian cosmonauts will also not be able to fly on the Boeing Starliner ship, because its first launch was an emergency, and the second did not take place, Rogozin said. “Now they will try to launch it, but we definitely won’t put any of our astronauts on it. We cannot risk their lives,” he stressed.

Statements of cooperation on the ISS

After the start of a military special operation in Ukraine on February 25, NASA spokesman Dan Huot declaredthat after the imposition of sanctions, the organization will continue to work with Roscosmos to support the ISS. At the end of March, NASA chief Bill Nelson saidthat relations between astronauts from the United States and their counterparts from other countries, including from Russia, remain working.

Dmitry Rogozin March 10 declaredthat the repair of the ISS may not be feasible, and work on it is inefficient: “For the time being, we have government permission to work on the ISS until 2024. The United States has decided to work there until 2030. We believe that by 2030 the station will fall apart. Its resource is 15 years. Count, 15 years have passed since 1998. <...> Either it is necessary to invest huge money in the repair of this station. What about the meaning? In an environment where the US, the British and the Europeans are behaving this way.”

The head of Roskosmos noted that a grandiose project is now being prepared: Russia plans to launch its own space station into orbit. The state corporation has already begun preliminary design, which may take several years, and the first module is planned to be launched in 2026, Rogozin suggested.

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