How fascism in Russia became a cult of Putin, why China needs Taiwan. Western media review – Ukrainian news, Politics

How Russian fascism differs from the usual, like a Russian dictator Putin trying to “ignite” the Western Balkans and what to expect from the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

What the foreign press writes about Russia’s war against Ukraine – an overview

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The Economist: Russian fascism as a brand

If you walk through the center of Moscow, you will not see signs that there is a war going on 1000 km away. However, it is Russia that is leading it. There are few Z-symbols, “stormtroopers” do not organize pogroms, but Russia is in the whirlpool of fascism, writes The Economist.

The Kremlin has built a cult of personality around Putin and a kind of cult of the dead of the Great Patriotic War. The Putin regime promises to restore a golden era through “healing violence.” With this brand of fascism, Russia has no turning back, and the Kremlin has nothing to offer its subjects.

There will be no return to normal life while Putin is in power.

How Russian Z-fascism became a cult, why does China need the island of Taiwan.  Overview of Western media

Putin’s fascism is everywhere. The Z-swastika is becoming a cult. two faces of the state television of the Russian Federation – Skabeeva and Solovyov – strongly resemble Nazi propagandists. They blame the West and call on Putin to put the nuclear arsenal.

Atrocities in Bucha and other cities is not an accident, but a completely logical continuation of politics. Kremlin fascism goes from top to bottom. It does not imply self-organization; political demobilization reigns in society.

Russian fascism has a long history. Joseph Stalin turned the victory of the USSR in World War II into a nationalist concept so as not to share it ideologically with the United States and Great Britain. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyone spoke about the “revenge” of the security forces with fascist ideas, including Alexander Yakovlev, one of Mikhail Gorbachev’s henchmen.

The ideological basis of the new fascism is Putin’s favorite philosopher Ivan Ilyin, a supporter of Hitler and the national revival of Russia.

Russian fascism hates the West, Ukraine and opponents in Russia. “Traitors of the House” killed or imprisoned, the war in Ukraine aims to destroy it, and in the West Russia sponsors any parties that can help blow up democracy from within. Ukraine for Putin is a source of “dangerous viruses”. And even government agencies are not afraid to write articles about the “final solution of the Ukrainian issue.”

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The New York Times: New tension between US and China over Taiwan

The island of Taiwan, with a population of 23 million, located 130 km from mainland China, has long been the center of tension between Washington and Beijing. Now relationship greatly aggravatedwrites The New York Times.

On July 29, Speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi began a tour of Asia. Even rumors of a possible visit to Taiwan have angered the Chinese Communist Party. Beijing is sure that the island controlled by democratic forces belongs to China. The last time a high-ranking American politician visited him was back in 1997.

How Russian Z-fascism became a cult, why does China need the island of Taiwan.  Overview of Western media

During a telephone conversation last week, the Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned Joe Biden about interference in domestic affairs”. Beijing also warned against Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Despite this, it has already become known that on August 3, she meet with the President of Taiwan Tsai Inwen.

Already, the Pentagon is working on possible actions by Beijing in the event of a visit by the speaker, and is also trying to assess the economic consequences. Taiwan is the world leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

Unlike his predecessors, Xi Jinping is much more articulate about Taiwan and emphasizes the need to “return control of Beijing” over the island. He is likely to lead the Communist Party for the third time in the fall, and for this he needs to show his strength, especially with respect to Taiwan.

Last month, Xi Jinping sent his Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe to an international conference in Singapore, where the latter warned that China “will fight without hesitation for Taiwan.

When Beijing will try to take over Taiwan is an open question. In recent years, China has been constantly violated the airspace island state. In response to the threat, US forces moved the USS Ronald Reagan out of Singapore towards Taiwan.

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The Washington Post : Russia’s war against Ukraine echoes in the Balkans

Russian dictator Putin justified the beginning of the war against Ukraine with the Balkan conflict. During a meeting with NATO Secretary General António Guterres he recalled the “NATO invasion of Yugoslavia” in 1999. Like, the Western Alliance acted there in the same way as Russia acts in Ukraine. And compared the recognition of terrorist enclaves in the Donbass with recognition of Kosovowrites The Washington Post.

How Russian Z-fascism became a cult, why does China need the island of Taiwan.  Overview of Western media

Putin does not recall that NATO’s involvement helped stop ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, while the dictator himself constantly resorts to genocidal rhetoric against Ukrainians. And his troops make war crimes in sequence.

In Kosovo itself, it is believed that Putin wants to expand the conflict with the Western world and his possible target will be the Western Balkans.

This week between Serbia and Kosovo is rapidly increased voltage level. Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo blocked roads and exchanged fire with police in response to the decision of the Kosovo authorities to demand that the license plates on cars entering from Serbia be replaced with Kosovo ones.

Belgrade is historically an ally of Moscow. President of Serbia Alexander Vucic did not impose sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine, concluded a lucrative gas agreement and allowed Russian propagandists to work in Serbia. And they, in turn, fueled the polarization in the region.

Serbia, unlike Russia, is a candidate for EU membership and has a more diverse position in Europe. The new geopolitical reality caused by Russian invasion to Ukraine, drove Vucic into a corner.

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How Russian Z-fascism became a cult, why does China need the island of Taiwan.  Overview of Western media

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