Houses in Mariupol built by occupiers look like concrete chicken coops

Concrete chicken coops, which the invaders are building in Mariupol under the guise of high-rise buildings, do not withstand not only construction, but also civilizational norms. About it informed Advisor to the mayor of the city Petr Andryushchenko.

“Putin’s concrete chicken coops are growing little by little. Particular attention is drawn not only by gaps smeared with no one knows what. Not even the absence of a hint of a toilet / shower. But windows at floor level. Brilliant design in no less brilliant execution. Compared to this, Khrushchev becomes at the level of the Soviet Gaudi,” Andryushchenko wrote.

Recall that the Russian invaders in the central region of Mariupol are planning to demolish 35 apartment buildings by winter.

In the Primorsky district of Mariupol, Russian invaders are building “prefabricated concrete chicken houses” under the guise of high-rise buildings – one cage per family. A total of 266 apartments or 600-700 people. They do not even try to equip heating in new buildings, there will also be no gas supply.

In March, during the occupation of the Kiev and Chernihiv regions, Ukrainians were especially struck by the fact that the invaders for the first time in their lives saw toilet bowls in the houses there. Yes and general toilets.

In the temporarily occupied cities, the Russians “work” according to a well-established scenario: they penetrate into the surviving apartments and steal household appliances. Known, in particular, theft of toilet bowls. Subsequently, the stolen occupiers are taken to Russia.

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