Horoscope for August 4: Gemini – feeling unwell, Scorpio

Find out what awaits your zodiac sign on this day.

Astrologers have made a forecast for August 4, 2022 for all signs of the Zodiac. Some signs of the Zodiac will be able to improve their financial condition tomorrow.


On this day, you can win the lottery. Most Aries, of course, do not believe in this, but one of you will definitely be able to pull out a lucky ticket.


Tomorrow you can’t trust people’s promises. Pay attention to actions, not words.


Your health may worsen, so on Wednesday it is better for you to stay at home and rest.


You should not impose your opinion on others. Stay away from the epicenter of conflicts.

a lion

Tomorrow you should look for “pros” in everything. Hold back your negative emotions and don’t let them hurt you.


You will be able to make a purchase that you have long dreamed of. Also, it would not hurt to start saving money for the future.


This day is better for you to devote to your family and spend time with your children. This way you will be filled with positive energy.


Emotions will prevail over reason, which can lead to conflicts with superiors and colleagues.


Everything that you will do tomorrow – do for the good of yourself, the world, those around you. Wake up this day with pure thoughts.


This day will be favorable for improving the financial condition and for marriage. Think about your future.


You may encounter problems related to your business activities. Do not trust new partners.


You need to prioritize correctly in order to get everything done.

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