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The actor loves rock climbing.

Hollywood actor and musician Jared Leto went on holiday to the south of France. There he bathes in the Mediterranean Sea and conquers the rocks.

This is reported Daily Mail.

It is interesting that he is engaged in such an extreme sport without any insurance. One false step and he could be in mortal danger. But it seems that the Suicide Squad star does not care at all, because he loves adrenaline very much.

Fortunately, Leto has a good physical shape and skills, so this time there were no incidents. Although in 2020 he almost died while climbing a mountain in Nevada.

It is worth noting that Jared has been rock climbing for a long time. Without fear, he conquers not only mountain peaks, but also the steepest rocks.

Recall Jared Leto supports Ukraine in the war unleashed by the Russian Federation. He broadcast live on his Instagram page and talked with Ukrainians.

One of his interlocutors was a young man from Odessa. When the actor found out where the guy was from, he even sang a song.

“Ah, Odessa, a pearl by the sea,” Jared Leto sang.

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