Hetmantsev promises resignations in the Cabinet

There is no talk of the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers today and there are no complaints against Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, but there will be resignations in the Government. This was stated by the head of the tax committee of the Verkhovna Rada Daniil Getmantsev in an interview Telegraph.

“We, like in any team, have something to strengthen. We are not talking about the resignation of the Government. We are satisfied with the Prime Minister, I think he is in his place. in the Government, as in other bodies, things will happen all the time, this is normal, because this is a war and someone can’t cope, can’t stand it, doesn’t do what is needed, and we don’t have time to wait for someone to learn.”, – he said.

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According to Getmantsev, “the war showed who is who,” and some in the “Servant” could not resist this blow.

“The war showed who is who. Now is the time of statesmen, not politicians. Therefore, those who are statesmen have strengthened in the country. leaders who trembled, but let it remain on their conscience. The war has shown who is holding the blow and who is not…

At the same time, Getmantsev personally criticized only the First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko, answering the questions of the correspondent of the publication.

“Ms. Sviridenko seems to be hinting that someone is preventing her from implementing those things, with 90% of which it is difficult to disagree. The rule of law, privatization, simplification of labor legislation, deregulation – this is our joint program since 2019. for this decision. What other decisions are missing? I am sure that the First Deputy Prime Minister has enough authority and support from all of us to implement the announced program with actions, and not loud statements. To carry out and achieve absolutely the right things that the minister says at her positions. At the same time, according to some statements, I would be a little more careful,” Getmantsev said, obviously meaning article Sviridenko “What kind of economy are we building?”, published in early July.

In particular, Hetmantsev criticized Sviridenko’s passage that, despite the war, it is necessary to reduce the fiscal percentage of GDP in Ukraine from 45% to 30% as early as January 1, 2023, and then, within 10 years, confidently move towards its further reduction and reach 20% in 2032. She called the followers of the idea of ​​keeping the tax burden at the current level “supporters of Marxism-Leninism” and stressed that a reduction in the size of the state inevitably generates growth, and lower tax rates ultimately lead to greater state revenues.

“I have already commented on this strange passage of the minister recently… I am convinced that while we are in office, we have the right only to make responsible statements. Otherwise, they will discredit not only us personally, but the entire team. proposal” the respected minister worked quite deeply in terms of the situation in which the country is located, and the structure of state budget expenditures …. Whom does the minister or the Cabinet of Ministers, if this is an agreed position, propose to leave without money for a miracle reform? And second, why do it? Is there some kind of sacredness in the figure of 30%?”, – said the head of the parliamentary committee.

“Perhaps we should focus not on the magic of numbers, but on the effectiveness of the use of folk remedies instead of retelling the myths of FB “professors” in war? I would advise high-ranking colleagues to stop looking for simple and easy answers to complex questions. Especially in war” , he added.

At the same time, speaking about his own resignation, the need for which business representatives have been insisting for more than a month, Getmantsev noted that the Head of State does not see such a need.

“If the president offered me resignation, it would take place. But I see support from his side,” he said.

Regarding other initiatives for his resignation, Getmantsev said that “we have democracy.”

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“And this democracy, even in war, makes it possible to shake the situation in power to those persons whose level of their own morality allows it. I undoubtedly understand that I am inconvenient for many: smugglers who evade tax converters. At certain moments they unite and carry out certain enemy actions “, this has been happening since 2019. Nothing new. In fact, there is nothing to discuss here. If a person does not have real enemies, then he has not done anything sensible in life,” Getmantsev is convinced.

He stated that his phone is in the public domain, and all those who are dissatisfied can use it.

“I sincerely and closely communicate with business, with various associations, with the real business sector. Every day. My direct phone number is in the public domain. I discuss various issues, sometimes very difficult ones. I do not try to be popular and please, but I also never lie , I try to be frank and constructive, so we have very few issues with business representatives where we do not reach an agreement,” Getmantsev says.

Recall that in mid-May, the network began collecting signatures for the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with a demand to immediately remove Getmantsev from office, The letter was initiated by a number of Ukrainian business CEOs. Entrepreneurs and businesses called Getmantsev a Marxist, the personification of socialism, a supporter of the Soviet way of life and an opponent of economic freedom.

business requirement gathered a huge number of signatures in a matter of hours.

ZN.UA wrote about the current sharp turn of power from liberalization to fiscalization, which makes no sense. It will cause irreparable damage to the remnants of the real sector, while not helping to somehow balance our current budget. And we would be surprised at this reckless decision, if not for one “but”: its ideologist is Danilo Getmantsev, who systematically and persistently harms the Ukrainian economy. Read about it in the article Yulia Samaeva “Let’s Getmantsev just leave”.

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