head of UVA spoke about artillery duels with occupiers – UNIAN

According to him, the Western guns, which fire like sniper rifles, “arrived on time and very expediently.”

Western weapons are already in Zaporozhye / photo

AT Zaporozhye region The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already received military assistance from Western partners, thanks to which they have significantly improved their positions at the front.

This was stated by the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh on the air of the national telethon.

“Western partners’ help came in a few weeks ago and quite significantly improved the positions of our troops,” he said.

Starukh noted that now one of the main forms of confrontation between Ukrainian troops and Russian ones is artillery duels. According to him, the Western guns, which fire like sniper rifles, “arrived on time and very expediently.”

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“The enemy no longer feels as free as before, inflicting heavy artillery losses on Orekhovy and Kamyshevakh,” the head of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Military District noted.

Starukh said that Ukrainian soldiers had already mastered Western weapons, which helped to stabilize the situation. According to him, Ukrainian forces in Zaporozhye continue to strengthen the defense. In particular, there will be fortifications of the internal line of defense. We are talking about hundreds of platoon and battalion strongholds.

Previously it was reported that Russian troops are trying to resume the offensive and hold the lines in order, probably, to completely capture the Zaporozhye region. And in the event of a complete capture of the Kherson region, the invaders will try to take Nikolaev in order to create conditions for an attack on Odessa.

As UNIAN wrote, Mayor Ivan Fedorov said that in the Zaporozhye direction The front line advanced 10 kilometers.

“I am sure that in the coming weeks the city of Kherson will be liberated by our heroic military. The same situation is in the direction of Melitopol. Our Armed Forces have advanced more than 10 kilometers from Zaporozhye towards Melitopol,” he said.

As the commander of the Azov unit Rodion Kudryashov said the day before, Zaporizhzhya direction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine goes to the counteroffensive.

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