Hamas accuses IDF of airstrike on building with prisoners

Representatives of the Hamas group, recognized in the West as a terrorist group, on Sunday accused the Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) of launching an airstrike on a building where captured Israeli soldiers were kept. About a new statement from the Palestinian anti-Zionist movement writes The Times of Israel.

In a statement, Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Hamas brigade Iz al-Din al-Qassam, said that in May last year, a strike hit a facility where the bodies of soldiers were stored, killing one of the officers tasked with guarding the remains and injuring another. three.

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The name of the deceased officer Hamas does not name, they intend to publish this data later. The terrorist group has not established which of the two soldiers’ remains are stored at this institution.

“August 1 marks eight years since Hadar Goldin was killed and his body was seized by Hamas. Another soldier, Oron Shaul, was killed and captured earlier during the 2014 war. Both were active in Gaza at the time.

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If this statement is true, it would most likely raise questions about Israeli intelligence and targets during the war, when the military either did not know that the remains were stored at this place, or they knew this place anyway and were targeting it. pages of the above Israeli edition.

The announcement comes days after Israeli military officials informed reporters that they claim intelligence has evidence that Hamas is rebuilding military infrastructure in crowded urban areas near schools, mosques and factories.

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