GUR: In Zaporozhye region, the invaders are looking for extras for actions in support of the “referendum” – news from Ukraine, News of the regions

The occupying authorities in the captured large cities of the southern part of the Zaporozhye region are looking for collaborators in order to create extras for the so-called actions in support of the pseudo-referendum. About it reported in the main intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

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According to Ukrainian intelligence, the occupiers are planning to create an appropriate “picture” on the propaganda channels of the Russian Federation in this way in order to reduce the degree of dissatisfaction with the war.

In particular, Russian specialists were brought to the occupied Melitopol, Zaporozhye region, to conduct PR campaigns. The headquarters of Russian PR specialists was opened in the occupied premises of the Foxtrot store in the city.

Also in the region, in particular, in Berdyansk, a “recruiting center” was opened for those wishing to cooperate with the occupation authorities.

According to intelligence, the invaders are also trying to lure people to “support actions” of the occupation regime with humanitarian aid. The condition for receiving the Russian “humanitarian aid” is participation in the campaign and the provision of personal passport data.

To coordinate actions, the occupiers created the movement “We are together with Russia”, which organizes paid-for actions, the GUR reports. The distribution of humanitarian aid and holding actions are supervised by local residents with pro-Russian views and representatives of the Russian United Russia party.

The GUR notes that there are few people in the region who want to cooperate with the occupation authorities, despite serious financial incentives. Therefore, the invaders are forced to import people from the territory of the occupied Crimea.

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