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In 2015, the department of Major General of Military Intelligence Vadim Skibitsky was tasked with infiltrating the decision-making centers of the Russian Federation, and the task was completed: a Ukrainian intelligence network operates behind enemy lines. He spoke about this The Telegraph.

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The deputy head of the GUR said that it is “very easy” for Ukrainians to work with the enemy, because “we had the same language, the same appearance and until recently the same mentality, and before that we were one country. Many Ukrainians lived or live in Russia… And they made a very good state career there. There are a lot of Ukrainians in Russia in leadership positions.”

He added that Ukrainian agents in the Russian Federation have a strong cover, “since very intensive counterintelligence work is being carried out there.”

It was spies behind enemy lines who reported to Kyiv that total invasion was originally scheduled for February 15, and the order to postpone it to February 24 came personally from the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinwho wanted it to coincide with the date of the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014.

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Skibitsky says Ukraine’s spy network in Russia is “definitely in demand” in the US and UK “because we’re not just talking about the situation in Ukraine, but about the security of Europe and NATO’s eastern flank as a whole.”

According to him, despite the various failures of the Russian army and the strong resistance of the Ukrainian defense forces, agents in Moscow do not report a decrease in the Kremlin’s appetites: Putin’s main strategic goal remains the same – “the complete destruction of Ukraine as a state.” (Former US President Trump suggested that Putin will win in Ukraine.)

“He is unlikely to stop, he has no room for maneuver. He understands that Ukraine’s resistance will remain very strong, so he destroys all obstacles on the way to this strategic goal,” the major general explained.

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