Guns 4 Ukraine: Miami police handed over 167 firearms to Irpin. A PHOTO

The police of the American city of Miami handed over to the authorities of Irpen 167 weapons, which in June bought from the residents of the city under the Guns 4 Ukraine program. The authorities of Miami decided to buy weapons from the residents in order to make the city safer, and transfer them to the Ukrainians for protection during the war. About it informed Mayor of Irpen Alexander Markushin in Telegram.

“Back in the spring, we turned to our international partners with a request for help in the fight against the Russian aggressor. In June, in response to our request, at the initiative of Miami Police Commissioner Ken Russell, an action was held to buy weapons from the townspeople called Guns 4 Ukraine. Those wishing to hand over unnecessary weapons were offered a cash reward in the amount of 50 to 200 dollars per unit. To the repurchased pistols and machine guns, the Miami police added confiscated ones, ” – wrote Alexander Markushin.

According to him, now the legal procedure for transferring weapons to Irpin is at the final stage and has already been issued a license and all the necessary permits.

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“In fact, today we are developing a model according to which, I sincerely believe, in the future Irpin and other cities of Ukraine will be able to receive weapons for their defense. In particular, negotiations are underway with the city of Houston,” – added the mayor of Irpin.

The weapons that the Miami police handed over will be given to the Irpin police and territorial defense fighters.

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Recall that in June, Miami police bought firearms from residents of the city in order to transfer them to Ukrainians for protection and at the same time make their own city safer. Miami authorities decided to secure their own city after the end of May in Texas, a student staged a mass shooting at a schoolwhich killed at least 15 people.

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